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I’m on a mission. My goal is to help as many people as possible realize that you are not your thoughts. You are something much more substantial than that. This one realization is revolutionary and changes everything. When you have a direct experience of this, it opens the door for a more direct experience of the moment, which is the threshold to everything that matters. I’ve studied mindfulness as spiritual and therapeutic practice for several decades and have had the opportunity to develop speaking, training, and writing skills in my technical professional career. So I’ve abstracted some of the best practices and techniques from various excellent trainings and teachings into some simply to apply, directly applicable practices. Very open to suggestions.

I do work with people 1:1, groups, and deliver lectures as well. If you have questions or are interested in sessions over Skype (or in person in the Seattle area), feel free to contact me using the form below.


Excellent program, great place to learn and process material, support.

Carol Reich

Brett sees beyond the veil.

Amina Knowlan – Founder of Matrix Leadership

I attended the Oct. and Jan. Mindfulness and Presence classes. The first time, the class was great. But the 2nd time, the teachings took on a deeper resonance for me. I was struggling a little with some of the concepts, and I was grateful to Brett for taking time to answer questions. It was meaningful to see some of the other participants also exploring the convergence between the ideas discussed in the class and their own personal journeys. Brett is a gifted and insightful facilitator and teacher.


The clarity that flows through Brett is both impressive and healing

Rabbi Ted Falcon

I joined this MeetUp soon after attending a Mindfulness & Communication series in October last year. I was so impressed. This new awareness, insight, of myself and others interacting, living out our lives around each other. This awareness has changed my life in such a positive way! But it is only possible to begin to learn this aspect of mindfulness and communication in a group setting, and with a great teacher – Brett Hill. Please join this MeetUp and come to the next series! Thank you Brett and to all the other members and new ones! This is one of the best MeetUps I have ever joined!

Heather S

Brett is a natural. He has great skill in being present and a built-in capacity for loving presence.

Ron Kurtz, Founder of Hakomi Psychotherapy


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Happy to answer questions, review feedback, or arrange a conversation. Let me know!

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