Listening to the Music of the Spheres

Recently, my family and I stumbled into Half Price books in Redmond, WA after the fabulous happy hour at Matadors. We often walk around about while slightly "happy" just for fun and to walk off a bit of the joy, if you know what I mean.

When in a bookstore, which is an all too rare experience these days, I browse through the self-help and psychology books since that's my interest, lookin for good bits, inspiration, insights, etc and on this occasion, I happened upon "A Way of Being" by the founder of humanist psychology "Carl Rogers". Aside from a minor in psychology and many years of direct study with excellent therapists (Ron Kurtz, Amina Knowlan, and Jon Eisman), I haven't read a great deal outside my specific training, so there is much for me to learn out there. That's not for lack of trying, but I find most to be narrow, or not resonant enough with working from place in mindfulness. In this case I found something that not only validated my beliefs, but my personal experience.

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Enlightenment by 1000 yummy moments – or How to be Mindful without really trying

If you think “I just can’t be mindful” – this article is for you.

Ok so you’re not a meditation person, and can’t think of anything worse than trying to sit still focusing on your “feelings”. Seems stupid to try to have some kind of big experience when there’s so much going on and besides, it’s just boring. And all this talk about “accepting the moment”. Hey, things are bad in the world and my rent doesn’t get paid by “accepting” that I owe it. Stuff has to get done! Change needs to happen.

At the same time, there’s a lot of talk about mindfulness, blah blah blah and it would be good to be happier and enjoy life more. But it seems like everything you’ve tried just doesn’t work or isn’t “for you”. And you don’t want to ditch the moral outrage you have about the injustices in the world in order to find peace. What good is peace if you just bury your head in the sand?

I get it. I really do.


Mindfulness as a SuperPower

Well done description. Mindfulness as a superpower. Makes the point that jogging used to be considered something unusual and that Mindfulness will be like that in years to come. He asserts that the path to mindfulness is through meditation. I would refine that. That is A path, but not THE path. There are lots of others.

Developing Intuition as a Personal Resource

Intuition is a controversial concept. Does it exist or is it just a generalized, vague sense based on some neural processes just below the level of conscious awareness? We process a lot of information and the vast majority of it is content we are not aware of. The bulk of neural activity is filtering out unwanted details so you can focus on what you deem important. Even though you are not aware of stuff that you’re not paying direct attention to, it is still influencing you. This is indisputable these days and radically changes notions of self-determination and “free will” on their heads. Professor Mary Peterson explained: